My Top 5 Days

I think the most influential, important and useful days that I had when I created this project would have to be. Day 2, 3, 4, 5, 9. These days where the most productive in what I did. On day 2 I started working on our intro movie to the game. I also started work on our character, Bill. On day 3 I implemented Bill into the intro movie and completed the majority of it on day 3 as well as finishing touches on day 4. Day 4 I game Alex a copy of the file so he could implement it into our game. I also started work on the music for our video game. Which I admit took much more time than I thought it would. Day 5 I was at the same dilemma as day 4. I had been creating music but I couldn’t get it off my iPod and onto the computer because we didn’t have WiFi. Therefore I went to the library for some quiet and for some student internet.  On Day 9 I finally caved and used Sony ACID to create the actual songs. Although I was having trouble getting the loops to match up since they were created at seperate times and without hearing the background music. At the end of that day I had created every single song and they were on their way into our game.


While all my days stand out for being fairly productive these 5 are by far the best. Because of programs such as Flash CS4 and Sony ACID as well as an application for my iPod I was able to create an amazing introduction movie that we set up to play before the player gets to the menu in the game. Music is also a small part in the production of this game but sets the mood for some creative pieces of art. Although we included a way to shut it off. Mute it. I learned that not all things will work out the way you might invision it. I will admit I invisioned the movie to look a lot more professional. But I think it was well done for an amature Flash artist. I think this whole project got me more involved with the capabilities of creating things with the flash series. It made me more aware of the power of the tool. Before this I didn’t know you could make a whole movie in 1 frame because of using different scenes. I didn’t know basic coding and now because of it I’ve furthered my knowledge of coding in Actionscript 2.0 and Actionscript 3.0.  The project has introduced me in the interesting world of Flash animation and flash creation. It sure is a powerful tool.


As for Sony ACID I think I will be sticking with MAGIX or even Ableton Live at home. Those might be more complicated but they allow you to create more complex songs. Although I only have the trial of Ableton Live. Other DAW’s like Pro Tools or Sonar will come once I have a better computer. But I guess the whole thing I took away from this section was that I hate Sony ACID.


I think for these reasons the days listed above were my most productive, influential, useful and informative. I learned a lot about the different things it takes to create Flash animations and music on computers. I respect the people who do this more and more.

Day 6

I know this day it quite late. But on day 6 it was the same as the other days. I was working on creating songs for our project. I went to the library and I used the WiFi there to transfer audio files from my ipod to my USB and then came back and transfered those to these computers. THats basically all I did that day.

Day 9

I just completed the music today for our video game. I transfered the files to Alex and now he just has to implement them into the game. I finished everything on my schedule ahead of time. I thought it would take longer but I am satisfied with the final product. Hopefully we will be ready to present our game and hopefully it’ll be a pointless hit with everyone.

Day 8

Today I accomplished absolutely nothing in class. The reason being I don’t like using SONY ACID to create music as it isn’t a full fledged waveform editor. I have one at home, so the last part I’ve been assigned ,creating music, will be done at home. It will be done on time however and most likely the first songs will be added tomorrow. Depends on how much I get done tonight. I’m looking forward to this amazing sounding soundtrack

Day 7

Today was a rather unproductive day for me. Since I’ve basically created all the music files at home and we only need to upload them to the actual game. Unfortunately I forgot to transfer the files from my computer hard-drive to my USB drive so I could bring them to school and create the actual loop with ACID. So I will just do that at home with MAGIX Music Maker 14. Once that is completed all I need to do is upload them into the flash game as well as make sure they are encoded correctly. Tomorrow I intend on doing that anyways.

Day 5

Today I continued work on the soundtrack for our videogame. Adding some harmonies to the main melody of the song. I’ve also decided that I will be adding some other songs to go along with the theme of the game. Tomorrow I will be taking the audio files off my iPod and onto the computer so I can edit them with the computer programs.

Day 4

Today I created and composed the music for our videogame. It’s basically just going to be loops tomorrow I will add more harmonies to the basic melody along with some ambience. THe library was really helpful for creating this music as it was a quite environment

Day 3

Well today was a very productive day, I completed our intro movie for our game. And it was very smooth (minus the annoying glitches flash had) Tomorrow I will be working on importing music into our game and also creating it. Anyhow everything is working like it should be and it’ll look great 🙂

Day 2: Final Project

Today I have gotten so much completed with regards to our final project.  I have started working on the introduction movie for our game which is approximately 10 seconds long at the moment. It will consist of our character as well as original music which I will work on at a later date.  Tomorrow I will be completing the video and we will import that into alex’s build for the game. At the moment its at a ALPHA stage but we hope to have it at BETA before the end.